Beetroot Hummus

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I first tried beetroot hummus at an iftar meal at The One restaurant in Abu Dhabi. I loved it immediately, and many iftar meals in the following years, at the same restaurant, saw me seek out the dark pink spread. It never appeared on the daily menu. I even asked the chef on duty for the recipe, he was aghast at my audacious query. He vaguely prescribed some ratios should I try to experiment at home. Weary of failure I never attempted it. After landing in Sydney I was overjoyed to see multiple brands fighting for first place in the front row of deli counters. As my eyes waded through the line-up, casting aside those with added preservatives, I spied the Organic Indulgence brand. So good, even better than the version at The One restaurant. Several weeks later I was offered a taste of homemade beetroot spread from a beaming parent during a get together with our kids, she added mint to hers and it was lovely and fresh on the palate. A huge bag of fresh mint from my neighbours garden spurred me on, the result was better than I expected. Delicious. Aside from pita bread it's crazy good with ancient grain tortilla chips.

A New Home and Raw Caramel Slice

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I was already in Sydney before the packing began, the smell of freshly cut grass on a hot summer day, the sweetness of ripe mangos and peaches, the many meals at Iku or hours of conversation with family and old friends. We arrived at the tail-end of December, summertime, to our new life in suburban Sydney. My few months hiatus from this space was spent setting up house and acquainting the kids to the wonderment of wildlife in our backyard. The neighbourhood kookaburras enjoyed superstar status with lesser praise divided amongst the cockatoos, lizards, spiders (the less dangerous sort) and all types of creepy crawlers. Now weeks later the shrieks at any unidentified insect have been replaced with the social attentions of school life. After 8 years of privileged living in the United Arab Emirates it's great to be back home for a more permanent existence.

Bipins Pickled Ginger

Saturday, November 8, 2014

If you remember from my Jaipur post I had the pleasure of meeting Bipin of Samajhna(Samajhna means understanding), he graciously shared his mother's pickled ginger recipe with me. It's a 4 ingredient deal with some time spent out in the sun. I'm hoping that I'm not too late with this post seeing as winter is almost upon us as it needs about 4-5 hours in the sun for the metamorphosis to take place, a pale shade of pink is what we're after. No problems for my Southern friends.

I get all sentimental when I chance upon recipes that have been handed down through the generations. It reminds me of my late grandmother and the loss of some great recipes. I'm always telling people to transcribe family recipes, it's heirloom material. Someone else, if it's not you, will appreciate the effort.

Kale and Quinoa Salad

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Marie Claire asked me several months ago whether I had any kale recipes on my blog, embarrassed at the time I muttered no sorry. What sort of blogger was I not having a kale recipe to call upon when put on the spot and especially kale, these days it's an adjective for healthy eating. It's not like I'd been avoiding the herbaceous greens, on the contrary I'd been happily chewing my kale for the past two seasons. It's the first thing I grab at the local organic market, it disappears in a blink if you're not fast enough. I thought I would address the issue like a pro but unfortunately for Marie Claire her innocent question arrived at the tail end of the kale harvest, the start of summer, so whilst I was scrambling around for ingredients the star of the show was missing in action. So fast forward three months and here we are today at the first of many kale recipes.