Kale and Quinoa Salad

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Marie Claire asked me several months ago whether I had any kale recipes on my blog, embarrassed at the time I muttered no sorry. What sort of blogger was I not having a kale recipe to call upon when put on the spot and especially kale, these days it's an adjective for healthy eating. It's not like I'd been avoiding the herbaceous greens, on the contrary I'd been happily chewing my kale for the past two seasons. It's the first thing I grab at the local organic market, it disappears in a blink if you're not fast enough. I thought I would address the issue like a pro but unfortunately for Marie Claire her innocent question arrived at the tail end of the kale harvest, the start of summer, so whilst I was scrambling around for ingredients the star of the show was missing in action. So fast forward three months and here we are today at the first of many kale recipes.

Love Jaipur, India

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

{The General's Retreat}

Under the watchful eyes of General Singh I devoured by first meal in Jaipur, savoury semolina. Intrigued I was drawn to his distinguished portrait on the opposing wall. Sporting an enviable moustache and flanked by the females in his life, his sister and wife, he exuded an air of authority. Did he also enjoy semolina in this very room I wondered? This was his house, The General's Retreat here in central Jaipur, my home for four days. Judging by the signed letter from the President of India adorning the wall he must of led an impressive career. There he was sitting amongst some very solemn moustached members of the Rajput Rifles, the most senior rifle group in the Indian Army. I wondered what sort of military manoeuvres he undertook over the years. Imagine the stories and resulting conversations held over many meals. My brief meeting with General Singh's grand-daughter, the proprietress of the guesthouse, was a missed opportunity, instead we talked about what I was going to eat before she disappeared for the remainder of my stay. My attempts at conversations with the team of houseboys brought me no further details.

Fig & Cranberry Granola

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Just back from Stockholm and some 30 degree (celsius) heat. After being spoiled with air-conditioners in virtually every room back home (in Abu Dhabi) it was lovely going au naturel with windows wide open. Except for the occasional hullabaloo from weekend revellers we enjoyed the summer breeze. City living has it's price.

I packed on the kilos, I guess holidays do that to you when faced with too much idle time that you can't help but fill in the void by eating. Whilst I trudged around Norr Mälarstrand, the waterfront area near our apartment in Kungsholmen I marvelled at the number of joggers oblivious to the summer heat. This slowly turned me green with envy, my level of fitness had recently sunk to new lows.

Stockholm restaurants and cafes are meat focussed so it's difficult to enjoy a decent vegetarian meal. Since last year I noticed a welcome change, gourmet shop shelves were now lined with locally produced raw ice cream and a selection of (albeit imported) raw chocolates. One thing that they do well is breakfast. I am in love with Paulúns cereals, the muesli and granola which is sweetened with apple juice and super crunchy. And this is the only place I get to enjoy soy free yoghurt, oats into yoghurt, just sublime. The Oatly brand does plain oat yoghurt without an ounce of sweetener. "Welcome to the post milk society", I love this bold statement featured on their website. And they make a luscious ice-cream too, yes with oat milk.

Going barefoot in the Seychelles

Monday, August 4, 2014

Somewhere on La Digue Island a bemused crab is wondering how a child size slipper made it to the far recesses of his front door. My daughter Millie unwittingly bestowed this, probably, unwelcome gift whilst skipping happily beneath the tall slender coconut palms unaware that her little feet were trespassing upon dozens of carefully manicured crab holes. A minor hiccup on our otherwise picture perfect day visiting that famous beach, Anse Source D'argent. The 30 minute walk navigating the thick foliage catching glimpses of the sea almost felt like a Robinson Crusoe family expedition if it weren't for the frequent passerbys either coming or going from the granite boulder framed beach. The beach was no less beautiful even if you have to share it with scores of people. We secured a spot away from the sunbathers, splashed about in the translucent water and as any intrepid traveller would do climbed those boulders.