Gluten Free Apple Cake

Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's been one year already. In Sweden. That calls for cake. So let's eat cake drowned in apples because it's autumn and the fruit is literally falling off the trees. To be honest I have no idea whether you care whether it's gluten free or not, I care because my body responds well to no wheat. I can tolerate spelt up to a point and spelt is my flour of choice which is why it keeps cropping up in the recipes. The gluten in spelt is more digestible. Don't get me wrong I will eat the sandwich with bread made from wheat flour instead of starving because I can be pragmatic. Moderation is a fine balance. If eating zero gluten is important to you let me know. I would love to hear your experience. There is a caveat to this cake. It's for adults. I tested it on my kids. Even my staunchest supporter, Sofia the 9 year old, stopped midway through her slice because she spotted a raisin. It's her thing, raisins have no place in baking, so maybe just maybe she could give this one her stamp of approval. She is the barometer for all things sweet. There isn't the sugar high from normal cakes and not because of the sweetener choice just that there is less syrup and more apples. So if you crave that cake sugar high don't make this cake. Because it's a little more left of field in the sweetness stakes. Are you still with me? If you're thinking what good is a cake if it isn't sweet. BECAUSE sometimes you just wanna have cake minus the sugar kick. You can eat it for breakfast, it's perfect with a black coffee. Otherwise pair it with a little nip of muscat or tokay if you absolutely need a little pick me up. This cake is wonderfully moist so store it in the fridge if the weather is warm.

Summer Berry Salad

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Phew! Kids started school today. What a relief, I can actually hear myself think again. No longer am I a victim to unwanted noise the likes of which include crying, fighting, yelling and "what are we doing today?" or otherwise "what's for lunch?" questions. At least for several hours of the day I can count myself fortunate to spend it in peaceful silence. Don't get me wrong I love my children but two months of intensive contact is just a little too much to bear. I'm one of those people that needs quiet time alone time, that's just my make-up otherwise I get exhausted real quick. I've even started a pyschocalisthenics routine every morning which I have to say is helping me get through the day without the daily power naps. Enough about surviving the day to day because I want to talk about the Berry Salad, it seems a little late to sneak this in seeing as autumn has already arrived in Stockholm. I know you're thinking fruit salad followed by really but here's the thing how many times have you enjoyed a good fruit salad? My case is that this combination works really well especially when all the fruit is at their delicious best. There's no added sauces just fruit in the purest sense.

Fresh Fava Bean Soup

Monday, August 1, 2016

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No matter what you call it, broad, fava or faba beans, this peasant bean crops up in infinite ways for e.g. falafel (Egyptian version), the unmistakable smelling ful medames, crunchy fried snacks, dips, casseroles and soups. There's the dried sort sometimes with the skin left on and the fresh which comes in bulging bright green pea pods. I bought a packet of fava beans from Puglia and made a soup when I got back home. It wasn't as tasty as this soup, though using fresh beans requires abit of planning, allocate some time to double peel (there's an inner layer!) good idea to grab the kids and make it a family affair. I actually find the monotony of shelling very relaxing. These beans are grown in Sweden, yay, and it's the season so look out for them at the greengrocers. In Puglia they have a traditional dish called fave cicoria which is made from the dried bean that has been cooked to a thick consistency like a polenta and it's served with sautéed wild chicory. Typical peasant fare, the region excels at simple staples such as vegetables, pasta, seafood and olive oil. Classic mediterranean.

The Summer Getaway: Puglia, Italy

Friday, July 29, 2016

It was Thursday by the time I drank my first real expresso in a nondescript bar, the bars where the barista still dresses in a white shirt with a black waistcoat. It gives me confidence in the coffee when it's served by the dressed up men behind the counter. It's no secret that I have harboured a certain fondness for holidays in Italy, I like the traditions, familial closeness, rituals in food and Italian's expressiveness. Even if they believe themselves in the right like the time when we tried to make our way from the carpark in Alberobello only to be confronted with approaching vehicles. Perhaps the one-way signage was inadequate, one can only guess with a huge degree of accuracy what the frenzy of gesticulations implied from those in the opposite car. In 36 degree (celsius) heat we covered swaths of land and narrow streets in shuttered towns observing life objectively from the cool confines of our hired Renault. The heat either sucked life back inside homes or drove them in herds to the sea. I've never been drawn to stretches of sand no matter how beautiful where there are masses of people. It was on the other hand a spectacular view to see the sea of bodies.