Orange & Poppy Seed Cake

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I stand corrected on the after-effects of detoxification, gone are the cravings so no more constant snacking, the spiralling sugar fixes are gone and drinking copious amounts of water is much easier these days. My energy levels are up and I've turned over a new leaf with early to bed and all that. Early risings are not as unpleasant shall I dare mention. The plumbing appears to be working like clockwork. Feeling lighter... did you say? Well there is definitely a spring in my step. Maybe I will revisit the detox program in 12 months time. Feeling pious of body that first weekend I felt I owed myself a big fat reward, bring on the cake. The lemony millet muffins of a few months back have been transformed to an orange and poppy seed version.

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Thursday, June 5, 2014

One more day to go, of my 7 day detox, hooray! After several days of feeling weak, bloated and heavy I'm starting to question the validity of these herbs. I almost died on the first night from the most violent headache in all my years of living. And not having anything sweet, even naturally sweetened foods, pass my lips has been torture for a dessert girl like me. The promise of feeling lighter at the end seems far fetched, I'm not sure fluffy white cloud lightness is going to descend on my body. It's been more like moody and dense rainclouds all week. I even had to take myself for a strong massage last night as my back was in serious trouble from my fight with the rowing machine. The detox instruction manual suggested daily exercise to get the toxins moving!

Hello New York

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Woohoo New York! It felt surreal, with all the meticulous planning it was almost deja vu. Happy birthday to me... this was my time, a week spent in good company eating my way around New York. I felt like a gushing schoolgirl easily excited about all the vegan options presented. Vegan cupcakes, vegan ice cream, raw chocolate, raw "cheesy" crackers, veggie burgers, tempeh salads... you get the picture. This was turning out to be one holiday where I could relax those foodie fears, you know the ones where you pray for at least one vegan option on the menu. I was feeling the love already. Our first stop on the vegan itinerary was Babycakes, the sweet smelling cake shop by Erin McKenna. A red velvet cupcake at 10.30 in the morning seemed in order for the first day.

Nutty Buckwheat Granola Bars

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I've just gotten back from a rather special week in New York City with my dear friend Melanie. I have much to say of the week that was in the city I'd often dreamt of seeing albeit through the eyes of Woody Allen and Sarah Jessica Parker. Whilst I gather my thoughts and words for that post I want to share these granola bars. This was my snack for the flight. The remaining bars I demolished on those cold early mornings fighting jetlag. These bars are far from anything commercial as they aren't particularly sweet which is why I love them. The tahini cuts through the rice and maple syrup for a pleasing aftertaste with the brown rice adding that lovely crunch against the handful of sweet cherries. The buckwheat groats is a super healthy alternative to the commonplace oats.