Orange Breakfast Biscuits

Sunday, June 19, 2016

These biscuits have been hanging around our place for the past month, each batch lasts 2 days at the most. And the fact that I'm eating them for breakfast well it's a latent connection to breakfasts in Italy, it's not uncommon to see a cake on the buffet. These aren't the usual rich and luscious cakes you have as a dessert more fruit bias and less sugar. I immediately thought of this the moment I bit into one of these biscuits, it's slightly crispy on the outside but soft and cake like in the centre. Perfect with a black coffee or tea. It rained last night and continued this morning and it was all I could think of to have one of those lazy Saturday mornings with a book or magazine and a couple of these biscuits. Minimum fuss and total contentment. Hardly healthy but it's the weekend and I think a day per week of wild abandon is sacred to surviving the day to day.

Raw Cauliflower Salad

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How do you like your cauliflower? I think I prefer it raw, it's not bad in a curry, as a soup or roasted but it's subtle beauty shines when enjoyed in it's purest form. It wasn't one of the more common vegetables at our kitchen table whilst growing up but I think I have made up for it's absence in the past 5 years. This salad is a riff on Peter Lahey's cauliflower pizza recipe, minus the crust. Instead of parmesan cheese I have created a vegan alternative using nutritional yeast, it's not a bad substitute. Paired with colossal green olives and copious amounts of parsley it's highly regarded at mealtimes and even holds up well the next day. This salad comes with a warning, pile your plate high as it's hard to stop at one serving. This neutral tasting vegetable has been enjoying abit of a renaissance as I've seen a myriad of recipes ranging from pizza crust, rice, mashed potato and even risotto (you read right). Cauliflower you are a star! So versatile for the omnipresent gluten free and low carb bias of our times.

Raw Noodles with Tofu

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Happy Noodles", vegan pad thai or as they say in Swedish raw nudlar. Either way if you've never tried zucchini noodles then this is a good way to ease into it and feel good about almost eating everything in the raw. A leaf salad doesn't count. I've always been a little skeptical about the taste of raw zucchini, it looks fabulous in pictures but it's a lot of zucchini to be munching down in the raw. And I love my zucchini grilled and if I'm going to be honest, on occasion fried, wafer thin slices shallow fried until crisp around the edges... moorish. So heres the thing after eating my fair raw share, you need a sauce that packs a punch to cut through the vegetable. I've tried a marinara sauce and pesto with the "noodles", it was okay but not suited to the many years training my palate has undergone having eaten spice driven Indian and Arabic food. It wasn't until I dropped into Sen Street Kitchen here in Stockholm for a bowl of their happy noodles did I change my mind about zucchini noodles. Their spirals of zucchini and other salad ingredients interwined in a bright tamarind sauce were super good.

A Trio of Salads

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Inspired by my all-time favourite place Iku Wholefoods I give you my interpretation of their salads. Wrap them up in a pita alongside leafy green foliage and you're set for a takeaway lunch. The red number is a pressed salad of sorts that take about 20 minutes sitting time, worth your while. It's a light meal that resonates with the change of season, now we are getting more hours of sun woohoo! and wait for it...warmer days (that is not -17 degrees celsius). It's a relief to turn our backs on the dark winter months. Now like the rest of Sweden we wait for colour to spring up from the ground. It's remarkable how important the weather is and how much it dictates life in Sweden. There are definitely more smiles on the street, laughter and the joggers are trickling out. I am set on having a bicycle to get around, easy to do in Stockholm as it's partial to bike traffic and not so big that you can cover a great deal in a few hours.