Nutty Buckwheat Granola Bars

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I've just gotten back from a rather special week in New York City with my dear friend Melanie. I have much to say of the week that was in the city I'd often dreamt of seeing albeit through the eyes of Woody Allen and Sarah Jessica Parker. Whilst I gather my thoughts and words for that post I want to share these granola bars. This was my snack for the flight. The remaining bars I demolished on those cold early mornings fighting jetlag. These bars are far from anything commercial as they aren't particularly sweet which is why I love them. The tahini cuts through the rice and maple syrup for a pleasing aftertaste with the brown rice adding that lovely crunch against the handful of sweet cherries. The buckwheat groats is a super healthy alternative to the commonplace oats.

Carrot Cake

Friday, March 28, 2014

Let's have cake, shall we? I think carrot cake has to be my all time favourite. There was an occasion in mind for this very cake, my birthday a couple of weeks ago. We dispensed with the cake as I made some muffins for breakfast and it was really going to be too much cake I thought. I settled for sorbet after a delicious lunch out at Almaz. So a week later with the kids still asking for cake, a birthday isn't complete without "the birthday cake". I dived in and got that oven humming along as I spiced up the gateau mix with the obligatory cinnamon and a touch of clove. I've experimented with cardamon before as I once tasted it in a carrot cake in Stockholm, it was lovely. I came a little undone where the frosting was concerned, in a previous effort I used coconut cream thickened with kudzu. My husband hinted at the time that the icing probably wasn't right for the cake. So with that in mind I peddled the cashew cream on this version. A calorific overdose of nuts is probably not going to help the waistline here but it's cake after all.

Everyday Salad

Monday, February 3, 2014

I often eat a bowl of salad for breakfast. It's kind of crazy in a western context if you grow up eating cereal and toast. Our bread parting was amicable and these days I am happy to turn down a slice. A couple of years back I cut out all grains from my diet and exercised like crazy. I lasted just over two weeks on this strict regime before binging on bread. The almost instant effect was disastrous, my belly ballooned to the proportions of full term pregnancy. Fraught with concern bordering on hysteria the swelling eventually deflated, a couple of days later. It was around this time that I began to read about gluten and gradually cut back on my daily bread. I haven't actually tested myself in fear of a gluten intolerance diagnosis. I prefer to rationalise that anyone who abstains then eats an entire loaf of bread in one evening is obviously going to experience repercussions right?

Tangy Blueberry Muffins

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I think I've been reading too much into the hotly anticipated christmas meal, seriously have you seen what Jamie Oliver cooks. Having kids around the table seems to spur me into the fantasy of a picture perfect gathering with an extravagant spread laid out to be feasted upon. That kids will appreciate, yes beyond pizza and pasta. A christmas meal should be when you pull out all stops right, for that special dish made perhaps once or twice a year. Except that isn't really me, I don't wait for festive occasions to eat something that tastes good and so I don't have a favourite go-to recipe for christmas. These last few days have got me in a bit of a pickle as I weigh the pros and cons of various dishes. It should not be a gargantuan undertaking and it should be easily apportioned to avoid left-overs. Don't get me wrong I love left-overs but we are due to fly out early on the 25th bound for Sweden.

The reality of the meal will turn out completely different I know, instead of a civilised meal among adults and kids where the latter sports exceptional table manners will proceed with singing, humming from Sofia, throaty cackles from Emilia, uncontrollable giggling, bickering, food landing on the floor and general whining. For once I wish a meal at our table would proceed without the unfolding dramas.

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