A Trio of Salads

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Inspired by my all-time favourite place Iku Wholefoods I give you my interpretation of their salads. Wrap them up in a pita alongside leafy green foliage and you're set for a takeaway lunch. The red number is a pressed salad of sorts that take about 20 minutes sitting time, worth your while. It's a light meal that resonates with the change of season, now we are getting more hours of sun woohoo! and wait for it...warmer days (that is not -17 degrees celsius). It's a relief to turn our backs on the dark winter months. Now like the rest of Sweden we wait for colour to spring up from the ground. It's remarkable how important the weather is and how much it dictates life in Sweden. There are definitely more smiles on the street, laughter and the joggers are trickling out. I am set on having a bicycle to get around, easy to do in Stockholm as it's partial to bike traffic and not so big that you can cover a great deal in a few hours.

A Winter Salad

Monday, February 15, 2016

I've been craving salads. Not much grows here in the winter months so the majority of fresh produce comes from our southern neighbours. These are picked green, spoils easily and are devoid of taste. We had a similar problem in the Middle East where produce was imported due to the limitations of a hot climate. A vast majority of fruit and vegetables came from our Arab neighbours. Maybe they got a wee bit more sun before picked, packed and shipped because they did taste like something. What you can find plentiful here are root vegetables. So hello beetroot hummus and carrots, who doesn't enjoy carrots. It's these two ingredients that form the base of this salad, I've added some chickpeas to make it more substantial and a whole bunch of greens, rocket, kale and parsley. Quick pickled red onions provide a touch of sweetness to round off the grainy mustard dressing.

Chocolate Macadamia Butter Biscuits

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gott Nytt År! (Happy New Year) It's been a long while to get my computer off the ship and set up on my new desk. I can't seem to blog from iPads nor laptops something to do with google logins when you're sharing computers. No matter, I'm back and looking forward to 2016! And gosh I wish I had something a little more interesting than biscuits, but the Swedes have a real sweet tooth as I'm finding out. Add coffee than you're on the path to becoming Swedish.

So we live on Kungsholmen, one of several islands that comprise Stockholm. There are 11 bridges from the islet, in reality I probably really use 4 with some frequency. On Bergsgatan, my street, there is a cheese shop close to the top of the hill, my source for Ligurian olives or plump green ones from Sicily. Before the cheese shop on the left down a short block is the neighbourhood ice cream parlour Kungsholmens Glassfabrik, open year round, in summer there are queues out the door. I've seen emergency crew pile out of their vans for a scoop. Swedes are mad about the buns (the sweet ones) and Bulleboden, a bakery cum cafe off the Bergsgatan hill on my side makes the finest in Kungsholmen. At the end of the street is my greengrocer, think small bags of Swedish fruit e.g. pears, apples, plums for 10 kronor (a steal). Bypass the train station then you're at the church gates, on a Monday evening I'm here practising yoga to yogic chants in the serene surrounds of Lutheran theology.

Coconut, Oat & Cinnamon Biscuits

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And with a heavy heart we bid Sydney goodbye one early winter morning. In so few months we were fortunate to make some dear friends in our adopted Sydney neighbourhood. We love you Roseville! Sorely missed, friends and family alike, we will hold those friendships close to our hearts.