Yogic bliss in India

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I had the wonderful opportunity of spending some time in an Ashram in Rishikesh, India in September.  Since returning, it has been a tumultuous month as we packed up our apartment and moved into a villa. There are still so many things to do before it feels like home, slowly, slowly... And coupled with the little being growing inside of me I have been feeling tired these past few weeks.  It is no less exciting though and I am looking forward to finding out whether it will be another girl or a brother for the girls.

My trip to India was extremely indulgent and a dream come true, I have always wanted to wile my days immersed in yoga and meditation cut off from the responsibilities of everyday life. I joined a small group from Acharya’s Yoga Centre in Sydney. I miss attending the yoga sessions with Acharya and the other teachers; the Centre is an oasis in the city. We stayed at Yoga Niketan Ashram on a hilltop overlooking the mighty Ganga.

Our day started at 4.30am at the clanging of the morning bell dragging us from our beds to a meditation session. It is amazing how energized you feel after you get going at such an early hour, I have always been one to sleep my mornings away.  I love practicing yoga and to be able to do it every single day was indeed bliss, meditation on the other hand is always a struggle… as they say, keep on practicing (perhaps I will get there one day). I know how Elizabeth Gilbert felt in Eat, Pray, Love! Hmmm I think I am going about her journey in the reverse order (next trip Italy!). 

 The ashram kept us well fed with various incarnations of the simple bowl of dhal, and vegetables along with mountains of chapattis.  Freshly made I lost count of how many of those piping hot whole wheat breads I ate each day. In addition, on those days (not that many) that I did venture into the little towns dotted alongside the Ganga I was thrilled at the sight of numerous South Indian restaurants.  I have a preference for South Indian food and I was not disappointed.

I met so many like-minded, happy individuals that this trip will always be amongst one of the more memorable journeys. Namaste Emily.